Bulgaria and France signed a Declaration on cooperation in civil nuclear energy

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Energy Minister Rumen Radev and Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty of the French Republic, Bruno Le Maire, signed a Declaration of Intent to cooperate in civil nuclear energy between the two countries. This happened at a meeting in Paris on 21 February.

The Declaration aims at establishing a framework for strengthening cooperation in nuclear energy. It includes exchanges between relevant nuclear programmes, cooperation between nuclear industries and supply chains, promoting the participation of industrial enterprises on both sides in new projects, research into safety, development and innovation, keeping and raising the high level of knowledge and expertise by enhancing cooperation in training and education, etc.

Minister Bruno Le Maire: 'We want to extend our cooperation with Bulgaria to other areas with regard to nuclear energy. This includes cooperation in the supply chain, skills development. I set out the idea of a project of common interest in the nuclear field because you know that we have projects of common interest on many topics, including raw materials, hydrogen. It is worth having projects of common interest in the field of nuclear energy as well”.

Minister Rumen Radev: 'I would like to express how happy we are with the signing of this Declaration for nuclear cooperation. When we share know-how on technology, education and training programmes between Bulgaria and France in the nuclear field, this means that we also share an understanding of the future, and also of our security and competitiveness, a green future based on real baseload, on low carbon energy that is secure, reliable and gives us the chance to be sustainable, competitive and to develop our economies in the best possible way.”

Nuclear energy, decarbonisation goals and renewable energy development opportunities were key topics during the meeting of Minister Rumen Radev and Minister Bruno Le Maire.

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