EU energy ministers discussed the importance of flexibility as a key tool for energy transition

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Flexibility as a key tool for the energy transition was among the topics discussed at the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy EU Council in Brussels on 4 March 2024. Energy Minister Rumen Radev expressed Bulgaria's position that a common European energy policy must take into account national specificities, such as levels of development, competitiveness and energy intensity, energy infrastructure and mix, local resources and dependence on energy imports.

He stressed that in order to unlock flexibility and respond to market demand, it is important to introduce reforms in the energy market and remove regulatory barriers, and emphasized the need for investment in networks.

“We must continue to expand, upgrade and digitize the network infrastructure, both the cross-border and the local one, with a focus on cooperation between the transmission and distribution networks. This is the way to support energy transmission, storage and integration of regional energy systems“, Minister Radev said. He stressed the need for a targeted EU approach to consumer protection and to enabling Community countries to implement flexible solutions to manage energy demand.

Another accent from Minister Rumen Radev's speech was the need to analyze the adequacy at pan-European level for the entire synchronous area of continental Europe.

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