The Energy Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria till 2020

The Energy strategy is worked out by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and approved by the Council of Ministers in accordance with Art. 4, Paragraph 2, Point 1 of the Energy law.

The Energy Strategy is a fundamental document of the national energy policy that is approved by the Council of Ministers and passed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. The present National Energy Strategy till 2020 reflects the political vision of the Government of European Development of Bulgaria pursuant to the up-to-date European energy policy framework and the global trends in the development of energy technologies.

The main priorities in The Energy Strategy can be summarized in the following five directions:

  • to guarantee the security of energy supply;
  • to attain the targets for renewable energy;
  • to increase the energy efficiency;
  • to develop a competitive energy market and policy for the purpose of meeting the energy needs;
  • to protect the interests of the consumers.

These priorities also determine the Government’s vision for development of the energy in the coming years, namely:

  • Maintaining of a safe, stable and reliable energy system;
  • The energy sector remains a leading branch of the Bulgarian economy withdefinite orientation to foreign trade;
  • Focus on clean and low-emission energy – nuclear and from renewable sources;
  • Balance between quantity, quality and prices of the electric power produced fromrenewable sources, nuclear energy, coal and natural gas;
  • Transparent, efficient and highly professional management of the energy companies.

Please find the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria till 2020 here.

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