Bulgarian energy by 2035: RES, storage facilities and new nuclear units

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Deputy Energy Minister Iva Petrova participated in the Energy Summit Forum 2024organised by “The Capital” newspaper

12 gigawatts of RES, energy storage facilities and 2 gigawatts of new nuclear units – this will be the “backbone” of the electricity system by 2035, Deputy Energy Minister Iva Petrova said during her participation in the Energy Summit Forum 2024 organised by The Capital newspaper.

The discussion, also attended by the Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov, addressed the main challenges for the development of the energy system in the coming decades.

The modelling for the update of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan builds on the results of the work within the Energy Transition Committee, the territorial just transition plans and the Decarbonisation roadmap. Over the next few years, the country's energy system will continue to rely on current capacities that will operate fully on a market basis.

Network development, interconnection at regional level and changing consumer behaviour have been highlighted as major challenges for the development of the sector in the coming decades. Among them, changing consumer attitudes is the hardest task, according to the participants in the discussion. In their view, social issues related to energy poverty and vulnerable consumers should not be confused with the investment process. The opposite means destruction of investment activity and lack of development.

In the opinion of Deputy Minister Iva Petrova, the need to form a critical mass of knowledge about energy consumption in society is a key factor in changing consumer attitudes. She explained that information campaigns on this subject should target both consumers and market participants themselves.

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