Currently there is no change in the operational regime and the supplies of the national gas transmission network and the gas transmission network for transit transmission of Bulgaria. The nominations at entry point GMS Negru Voda on the national gas transmission network are carried out under the contractual quantities and pressures. The pressure at the entry point and the transported quantities on the gas transmission network for transit transmission is also within the contractual parameters. The situation is being monitored and if needed the necessary measures will be taken.


Actual Theme

Reginal Booking Platform (RBP)

We would like to draw the attention of all interested parties that Bulgartransgaz EAD concluded a contract for using a Reginal Booking Platform (RBP) which will be used at the entry/exit IPs with the neighbouring operators from EU Member states.



For public consultation

In this section are published drafts of regulations within the competence of the Ministry of Energy. The aim is before their final approval, a maximum number of interested people and experts to get familiarized with these drafts and if they have any comments or remarks to send them to us



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